pigeons reporting in from candy floss town!

@kyzh oof oh stars ... one uncounted cost of this crap system is the fantastic pieces of art and culture we never get to have and don’t know we’re missing because they people that would make them gotta spend all their time doing something else to survive... :blob_raccoon_blueheart:

sled doggos - they _realllly_ love to run 

xmas horror nonse 

yesterday we caught a bit on a tv in a bar with the uw mascot (a husky) who is a Very Good Boy and @cynja and i reflected that A Good Boy is a state of being and not necessarily related to ones’ gender or species.

the one issue i have with noaa's graphics is that it doesn't really get that bright here during the day...

our part of the building xmas party last night had a certain theme. this were all @cynja β€˜s doing - my contribution was just 20 minutes of recorded game audio...

cat ec 

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