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pigeon town

... is a small mastodon instance for me and close friends.

completely new to mastodon? maybe check out joyeusenoelle's increasingly less-brief guide.


be kind, take care of one another, and be super-conscientious. cw opportunistically (when in doubt, cw). minimize takes and whines, don't dunk. pigeon.town doesn't prohibit lewds, but it's not really meant as a hornt-on-main-alla-time instance, maybe set up an alt if you're looking for that. boost occasionally and minimize x-posting, the local timeline shouldn't just be a stream of other peoples' stuff.

federates, but individual posts can be set to instance-only if wanted (we're on hometown fork). follows dzuk's block list, octodon.social and weirder.earth blocks (federates with most; silences lewd ones like switter, hard blocks nazi/gab/fascist/terf/racist/misogynist instances). read the CoC.

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