pigeon.town CoC

what is Definitely Not Allowed

this instance does not allow content or links to content (and blocks external instances that have content) that:

  • is illegal; involves minors and/or non-consenting parties in a sexual context, including nudity (also the server is US-based, which means FOSTA/SESTA apply).
  • depicts people in a sexual context/nude if those people did not consent;
  • promotes / refuses to take action against hate speech (nazism, fascism, racism, xenophobia, white nationalism, antisemitism, Holocaust denial, and islamophobia);
  • discriminates and is intolerant to people (in terms of gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, language, race, ethnic affiliation, age, religion, sexual and romantic orientation, physical and mental health, neuro-(a)typicality, body shape and size, social and economical status);
  • harasses people (threats, doxxing, sealioning, repeated contact after being asked not to, gaslighting, microagressions);
  • ignores consent (in most cases CW would be considered to preserve consent as long as you aren't abusing it with the CW subject line itself);
  • promotes pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, misinformation, really any bad-for-your-brain garbage propaganda (anti-vaxxing, climate-change denial, flat-earthers, pizzagate, "creation science")
  • is qualified as spam or corporate advertising (promoting your own stuff and friends' stuff as part of community is ok);
  • distributes malware, spyware, ransomware, or other content that can harm other users’ computers;
  • breaks federation, attempts to subverts post privacy settings, or harvests / collects data.


on federating public toots (not unlisted, private, or direct), content warnings are required for any kind of (explicit enough) sexual content or violence (with or without pics, including gore, *phobia, abuse). this is not about what is culturally or religiously accepted, but about common sources of trauma that deeply hurt people for very real reasons. CWs are also required for any flashing and/or moving images that may trigger epileptic seizures. they are appreciated but not mandatory on: selfies, politics, food/booze/drug mentions, spoilers, mental health posts, death/suicide mentions, anything depressing or very negative. when in doubt, CW; use them in an opportunistic way.

privacy policy



based on CoCs from: bananachips.club, octodon.social, weirder.earth

pigeon.town is a small instance (currently in test) running the hometown fork of mastodon.